Three New Starfield Videos Show Off More Locations For Bethesda's Space RPG

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While we bash person immoderate much clip to hold earlier getting our hands connected Bethesda's upcoming abstraction RPG, the workplace did uncover 3 caller Starfield videos for fans to enjoy. The 3 latest developer updates stock much details astir caller locations that players volition beryllium capable to explore.

The latest wrong looks astatine Starfield are beauteous abbreviated successful nature, but it is absorbing to spot immoderate of the imaginativeness that the squad has for abstraction exploration. While not gameplay, the conception creation shared is intriguing and has america funny successful seeing wherever this crippled volition instrumentality america for a caller adventure. 

First, we person New Atlantis, seen successful the video below: 

Then we person a determination called Neon: 

And finally, Akila: 

New Atlantis is the superior for a sect of radical known arsenic the United Colonies, a almighty faction that is simply a large subordinate successful the realm of galactic politics. Given what Bethesda has said astir New Atlantis, it's beauteous overmuch a fixed that this volition beryllium 1 of the larger areas explored in-game, and perchance 1 of the astir complex. While cool, Neon is wherever I americium the astir excited! Neon is simply a h2o satellite that fundamentally looks similar idiosyncratic saw an aquarium and thought: yes, this is Utopia. 

Akila is different superior city, but this clip for a corporate known arsenic Freestar. It besides has immoderate large Attack connected Titan vibes with that wall, conscionable saying. 

While fans person been understandably frustrated astatine specified an aboriginal reveal, Pete Hines and Todd Howard have been precise transparent about this rubric was aboriginal connected successful its improvement since it was revealed. They person besides been precise wide that it was lone shown disconnected truthful prematurely successful order to assuage instrumentality worries that they were abandoning single-player after the uncover of Fallout 76. That being said, it is bully to yet get thing much concrete, particularly present with the further resources that the acquisition has to offer. Luckily, though, astatine slightest present we person a date, adjacent if it is simply a small further disconnected than galore mightiness person hoped. 

Starfield officially launches adjacent twelvemonth for Xbox and PC players connected November 11, 2022. 

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