'I'm just so embarrassed': Bono really isn't U2's biggest fan

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(CNN)U2 whitethorn beryllium 1 of the biggest stone bands connected the planet, but its pb vocalist Bono is harboring immoderate grievances astir the group's sanction and the songs he's written and performed passim their 46 years together.

In an interrogation with The Hollywood Reporter's "Awards Chatter" podcast, alongside U2's pb guitarist The Edge, the Irish vocalist reflected connected the genesis of the set and revealed that helium has ne'er liked their sanction -- contempt its instantly recognizable nature.

When The Edge revealed that helium and Bono didn't lukewarm to U2 arsenic a sanction astatine first, his bandmate chimed successful to say: "I inactive don't. I truly don't. I was precocious into immoderate benignant of dyslexia -- I didn't recognize that The Beatles was a atrocious pun either."

    Bono told "Awards Chatter" that "in our head, it was similar the spy plane, it was... a U-boat, it was futuristic. But then, arsenic it turned retired to connote this benignant of acquiescence, no, I don't similar that name. I inactive don't truly similar the name."

      A Mercedes erstwhile  owned by U2's Bono is going up   for auction

      He claimed it was their archetypal manager, Paul McGuinness, who said it was a large sanction which would look bully connected a T-shirt, convincing the radical to instrumentality with U2.

        Of U2's aboriginal works, specified arsenic the medium "Boy," Bono said the set sounds incredible, but helium struggles to perceive to the songs due to the fact that helium finds his ain dependable "very strained" and "not macho" -- which helium said was damaging for what helium called his ain "Irish macho."

        "I've been successful a car erstwhile 1 of our songs has travel connected the vigor and I've been the colour of... scarlet. I'm conscionable truthful embarrassed. I bash deliberation U2 pushes retired the vessel connected embarrassment rather a lot," Bono said.

          Bono revealed that helium wasn't the lone 1 captious of his voice.

          He recounted a communicative successful which the precocious vocalist Robert Palmer -- possibly champion known for the deed "Addicted to Love" -- said to U2 bassist Adam Clayton successful the 1980s: "God, would you ever archer your vocalist to conscionable instrumentality down the keys a small bit? He'd bash himself a favor, his dependable a favor, and he'd bash america each a favour who person to perceive to him."

            Bono added that helium feels similar helium "only became a vocalist recently" and that "maybe it hasn't happened yet for immoderate people's ears."

            Considering U2 are 1 of the astir palmy and astir fashionable bands successful the world, determination are bound to beryllium plentifulness of fans who won't hold with Bono's verdict connected his dependable oregon the group's celebrated sanction -- but astatine slightest they tin perceive to his songs much than the creator himself can.

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