This Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod Adds Mario Kart-Inspired Tracks

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There are rather a fewer Microsoft Flight Simulator mods retired there, including the meme-worthy modification that added successful the trapped vessel that was stuck successful the Suez Canal previously. Now, 1 Nintendo instrumentality has added a small Mario Kart flair with their originative Microsoft Simulator mod, and portion it doesn't play similar the racing acquisition we grew up with, it's inactive beauteous nifty. 

Every week, we diagnostic a mod arsenic portion of my Mod Corner vertical and this week, I had acold excessively galore radical email maine this peculiar Flight Simulator acquisition to ignore. After checking it out, it looks beauteous fun, conscionable don't expect and nonstop replica successful presumption of experience. 

Creator Illogicoma blended the 2 worlds unneurotic with their Microsoft Flight Simulator mod that adds 7 tracks into the premix from Mario Kart 8.  Sounds cool, right? There's 1 tiny caveat: it's not really available, astatine slightest not publicly. In the video astatine the apical the article, you tin spot the mod successful question, including the beloved Moo Moo Meadows. Come on, you cognize you loved it. 

While you can't bluish ammunition your mode to a triumph with this mod, you tin astatine slightest spell done akin courses. Well, you tin ticker the creator spell done definite courses. Hopefully, with capable interest, this mightiness beryllium made public? We tin dream. In the meantime, cheque retired immoderate of this modder's different large creations connected their YouTube transmission here

Thoughts connected the satellite of Mario Kart crashing Microsoft Flight Simulator? What different crossovers would you similar to spot marque it into the plane-driven game? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below! Feel escaped to besides cheque retired immoderate of our different Mod Corner picks below: 

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