The return to the office is a mashup of rules, increasing stress and a desire for vaccine mandates

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43% of workers are progressively disquieted astir being exposed to COVID-19 and contracting the virus, Envoy recovered successful its latest survey.


Less than a 3rd of CEOs expect the bulk of employees to enactment remotely 2-3 days per week.

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A caller survey finds that the instrumentality to the bureau is each implicit the spot with accent levels rising on with the summation successful COVID-19 cases. Envoy recovered successful its astir caller Return to Work survey that 45% of respondents didn't person a prime astir going back. Seventy percent privation a hybrid enactment enactment with lone 12% preferring afloat distant work.

There is inactive a Great Resignation vibe among workers arsenic good with 26% saying they are much apt to permission their existent jobs aft returning to in-person work. Among radical of color, that fig is 33%. Gen Z and millennials are little apt than different groups to beryllium looking for a caller job. Millennials said that their intelligence wellness is amended disconnected erstwhile moving successful an office.

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Forty-three percent of workers are progressively disquieted astir being exposed to COVID-19 and contracting the virus. Sixty percent of respondents would similar to person vaccine mandates astatine work, but lone 51% enactment astatine companies with this request successful place. 

The apical 4 concerns for workers going into the bureau are:

  1. Exposure to COVID and its variants:               46%
  2. Interaction with nonvaccinated coworkers:   30%
  3. Commute clip and costs:                                30% 
  4. Limited flexibility to bash idiosyncratic activities:       29%

The survey included 1,000 full-time U.S. employees who are moving from an bureau for astatine slightest 1 time per week. Envoy makes bureau absorption bundle for checking successful visitors and reserving enactment spaces.

Companies that request a instrumentality to pre-pandemic "business arsenic usual" volition fail, Larry Gadea, CEO and laminitis of Envoy, said successful a property release. 

"COVID isn't going anyplace -- radical request to cognize that their wellness is the apical priority," helium said. "Leaders request to inquire the hard questions astir what's moving and what's not, and past statesman experimenting with exertion solutions that marque the enactment acquisition better."

Gadea thinks that companies request to gain the instrumentality of employees to the office.

Gadea said the institution uses regular worker surveys and play CEO Q&A sessions to support way of however radical are feeling astir the pandemic and work.

"We besides instrumentality into information geo-specific needs: SF does not needfully request the aforesaid acceptable of solutions arsenic Kansas City," helium said. 

Envoy reopened its San Francisco office successful June and employees tin travel successful arsenic often arsenic they'd similar oregon not astatine all. Gadea said betwixt 20-30% take to travel successful astatine slightest erstwhile a week. 

Gadea said that hybrid enactment has provided an accidental to rethink regular operations. For Envoy, that includes making definite the workspace is simply a fantastic spot to beryllium which means amended than everyone near it successful March 2020. 

Gadea said Envoy has redesigned the carnal workspace and the worker acquisition successful these ways: 

  • Ensuring rooms are acceptable up to marque it casual to person a hybrid meeting 
  • Using Donut's Slack integration to promote radical to link for virtual java chats and helps those who are distant consciousness much connected to what's going connected successful the workplace. 
  • Establishing a gathering charter and behaviors for making distant folks consciousness included
  • Rethinking ample institution events similar the autumn all-hands meeting

"Like astir companies, we're each moving hard to effort to level the playing field, but it's not casual oregon evident the strategies how," helium said.  

More women than men--51% vs. 40%--said they had nary prime astir returning to the office. People who similar in-person enactment said the biggest payment is being capable to support enactment and location beingness separate. Gen Z workers spot look clip with managers arsenic the apical crushed to beryllium successful idiosyncratic and achromatic workers are much apt than Black and Hispanic colleagues to spot look clip arsenic a precedence (39% vs 29%).

Wakefield Research conducted the survey for Envoy during the 2nd week of August via an email invitation and an online survey.

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