Market highlights January 14: Bitcoin takes a step back, big banks kick off earnings season

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The crypto market was mostly little implicit the past 24 hours. Major concern bank JPMorgan Chase reports its Q4 results today, alongside Citigroup and Wells Fargo, arsenic fiscal steadfast stocks emergence connected the backmost of heightened involvement complaint emergence expectations.

Tech stocks sent US indices little again yesterday with the NASDAQ100 falling 2.57% to its lowest level since October 2021.

Top cryptos

Bitcoin, which has been connected a affirmative tally recently, had retracted by astir 2% astatine clip of writing. However, the world’s largest crypto is inactive up much than 3% for the week.

The terms of Dogecoin has been surging ever since Elon Musk announced Tesla would commencement accepting it arsenic outgo for immoderate of its merchandise. This became imaginable during Asian hours this morning. At the clip of writing, Dogecoin had gained 14% successful 24 hours.

Top movers

Most apical 100 coins person mislaid betwixt 2 and 6% of their worth today. Elrond has mislaid 8%, starring immoderate to wonderment whether to bargain the dip. Elrond describes itself arsenic a blockchain level for the caller net economy, decentralized applications and endeavor use.

Its main selling constituent is its precocious scalability, stating that it is the archetypal blockchain web successful which state, web and transaction sharding person each been implemented.

Gala, the astir palmy metaverse token successful 2021, has besides shed 8% of its worth successful the past 24 h. The downtrend for THORChain, Enjin Coin, XDC Network, and Loopring continues. Each has mislaid astir 7%.

Kadena, which is said to supply the information of Bitcoin, virtually escaped gas, unparalleled throughput, and smarter contracts, is the biggest loser of the time with a terms diminution of 9%.

This is simply a dubious grant shared with WOO Network, a heavy liquidity web connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms. WOO token, which is utilized successful the network’s CeFi and DeFi products for staking and interest discounts, has besides mislaid 9% today.

At the different extremity of the standard is Secret, the autochthonal coin of Secret Network. Its blockchain features information privateness for astute contracts by default, allowing you to physique and usage applications that are some permissionless and privacy-preserving.

This functionality protects users, secures applications, and unlocks hundreds of never-before-possible usage cases for Web3. Secret continues yesterday’s bull trend, adding 20% to its worth today.


The astir awesome gainer of the time is the Metaverse Future (METAF), conceived with a ngo to make an unfastened Metaverse. In it, radical not lone play games to gain money, but besides freely make values to service the needs of the colonisation of the Metaverse. It is up astir 3,000% today.

The terms of PolySwarm cybersecurity company’s autochthonal token, Nectar, is surging today. It gained 66% successful the past 24 hours.

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