Life Is Strange TV Show Adds Shawn Mendes To Oversee The Adaptation's Music

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Announced backmost successful 2016, the upcoming Life is Strange TV amusement from Legendary has been strangely quiescent astir immoderate updates regarding the adaptation, starring galore fans to wonderment if the task was canceled and others to hide its beingness entirely. While we don't person a trailer or a archetypal look to stock today, determination is simply a tiny update astir the upcoming series, namely that Grammy Award nominee Shawn Mendes has signed connected to oversee the adaptation's music. 

Mendes' euphony vocation entails hits similar Treat You Better, and the songwriter decidedly has a endowment for creating from an affectional place, which is cleanable fixed the quality of the Life is Strange series. Mendes volition beryllium joined by Andrew Gertler, his manager, successful oversight for the adaptation's music. 

We inactive don't cognize thing astir what the Life is Strange TV amusement volition person successful store, specified arsenic plotlines oregon casting decisions. However, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Legendary Television and dj2 Entertainment are inactive producing the series, with Anonymous Content arsenic co-producer. 

"Life is Strange is 1 of those uncommon properties that combines incredibly developed characters and storylines with profoundly engaging gameplay," said Greg Siegel, the show's elder VP of development. "It lends itself perfectly to live-action imaginings. We couldn't beryllium much excited to spouse with Square Enix, Dontnod Entertainment and dj2 to bring the satellite of Arcadia Bay to beingness successful an breathtaking caller way."

While we await much authoritative quality for the upcoming Life is Strange adaptation, we bash astatine slightest have Life is Strange: True Colors to look guardant to, which arrives connected September 10.

What are your hopes for the upcoming Life is Strange TV show? A existent adaptation oregon a originative spin? Shout retired those opinions successful the remark conception below; we'd emotion to perceive what you think! 

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