Jen Psaki Makes Republicans Look Like Fools For Lying About Infrastructure Bill

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki destroyed the Republican lie that they didn’t know about the second infrastructure bill.


Jen Psaki shoots down the GOP lie that they didn't know about the second infrastructure bill, "That hasn't been a secret, he hasn't said it quietly or whispered it, he said it out loud to all of you as we have said many times from here. "

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 25, 2021

Press Secretary Psaki replied to Republican claims that they didn’t know about the two-track process,You all have heard the presidency multiple times publicly that he was going to move these bills forward and wanted to move them forward in a parallel path, and that’s what’s happening. That hasn’t been a secret, he hasn’t said it quietly or whispered it, he said it out loud to all of you as we have said many times from here. I will say the president’s view is that the American people elected him to not lead on process but to get things done. The house and senate are going to determine the leaders in the House and Senate are going to determine the sequencing, and the timeline and he looks forward to both pieces of legislation. “

Republicans can’t handle the backlash from their supporters after they gave President Biden everything that he wanted in the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Democrats were never going to agree to dumping Biden’s priorities and settling for a single smaller bill.

The bipartisan negotiations were predicated on the two-bill strategy. For Republicans to claim anything else is a lie, and the White House Press Secretary will not tolerate lies to the American people.

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