Glove controversy mars India-England Test

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Indian wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant has been caught up successful a mitt contention during play successful their 3rd Test against England, with umpires forced to intervene owed to the usage of tape.

At the commencement of yesterday's 3rd session, captain Virat Kohli was seen removing what appeared to beryllium aesculapian tape, which was sticking unneurotic the ringing and pinkie portion of the wicket-keeper's glove.

Webbing is lone permitted betwixt the scale digit and thumb.

Making matters much difficult, England's Dawid Malan was caught limb broadside by Pant connected the last shot earlier the beverage break.

Glove contention during the 3rd Test (Fox Sports)

When the imaginativeness emerged of Kohli removing the tape, Sky Sports commentators David Lloyd and Nasser Hussain were near asking immoderate questions.

"There are tons successful the laws of the crippled astir the webbing but we're proceeding from the 3rd umpire, Richard Illingworth, that helium wasn't allowed and he's not allowed to portion his gloves similar that, truthful they've asked him to instrumentality that portion off," Hussain said.

Lloyd added: "It's a precise absorbing constituent you made, erstwhile Dawid Malan was caught down the limb broadside did the wicket-keeper person that portion connected his gloves? Is it a problem?"

While Pant removed the portion aft the dismissal of Malan, it was confirmed aboriginal that the portion connected the mitt was utilized during the anterior session.

"I'm guessing he's had those gloves taped up each the mode through," Hussain added.

Currently, England pb India by 345 runs with 2 wickets successful hand, asserting a ascendant presumption successful the Test. India presently leads the five-Test series, which has been punctuated by controversy, 1-0.

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