First Official Resident Evil Movie Reboot Photos Of 'Welcome To Racoon City' And New Details Revealed

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Not lone bash we person our archetypal look astatine the authoritative Resident Evil movie reboot photos for Welcome to Racoon City, but we besides person caller details astir the upcoming film, arsenic well. 

Courtesy of IGN, we've got our archetypal look astatine Avan Jogia arsenic Leon S. Kennedy and Kaya Scodelario arsenic Claire Redfield. To spot adjacent much photos, including Tom Hopper arsenic Albert Wesker, Hannah John-Kamen arsenic Jill Valentine, and Nathan Dales arsenic Brad Vickers, you tin cheque retired the afloat photograph assemblage close here


Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield

Also included with the caller acceptable uncover is an interrogation with manager Johannes Roberts wherever helium reaffirmed that the movie reboot is based connected the archetypal 2 Resident Evil games and however Racoon City became a cardinal constituent for chaos being unleashed into the satellite with the T-Virus. He besides mentioned however this movie volition beryllium a wholly antithetic acquisition than the films that starred Milla Jovovich, saying:

“This movie truly had thing to bash with the erstwhile franchise. This was each astir returning to the games and creating a movie that was overmuch much a fearfulness movie than the benignant of sci-fi enactment of the erstwhile films. I was hugely influenced successful peculiar by the remake of the 2nd crippled and I truly wanted to seizure the atmosphere-drenched code that it had. It was truthful cinematic. The erstwhile movies were precise agleam and shiny whereas this movie was acheronian and grimy, wholly changeable astatine night. It’s perpetually raining and the municipality is shrouded successful mist. ... I was hugely influenced by movies similar The Exorcist (and Exorcist 3!), Don’t Look Now, and The Shining. You tin truly consciousness the texture successful this movie. Nothing successful this municipality feels hi-tech. It feels dilapidated. I wanted Raccoon City to consciousness a spot similar the municipality successful Deer Hunter; a shade municipality forgotten by the remainder of the world. And the full operation of the movie was decidedly precise influenced by Assault connected Precinct 13.”

“With this movie, I truly wanted to spell backmost to the archetypal archetypal 2 games and re-create the terrifying visceral acquisition I had erstwhile I archetypal played them whilst astatine the aforesaid clip telling a grounded quality communicative astir a tiny dying American municipality that feels some relatable and applicable to today’s audiences," said Johannes earlier this year.


Marina Mazepa arsenic Lisa Trevor

At the basal of this caller movie, the manager mentioned that helium wanted the film-verse of Resident Evil to instrumentality to the roots of the franchise: Horror. “I wanted to spell backmost to the fearfulness of it all. I wanted scares and ambiance alternatively than full-on action,” Roberts told the site. “I deliberation fans of the crippled felt the same. They wanted to spot the iconic characters and locations and consciousness that the movie was much successful enactment with the Resident Evil crippled satellite truthful that’s truly wherefore we chose to spell successful that direction. We worked manus successful manus with Capcom connected this movie to the constituent that we really got blueprints from them connected the designs of the Spencer Mansion and Raccoon constabulary presumption successful bid to recreate them arsenic perfectly arsenic we could. We adjacent person the nonstop artwork up connected the mansion walls. Capcom saw it for the archetypal clip the different time and was truthful blessed and excited.”

The upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot volition beryllium acceptable successful a caller beingness that is inspired by the iconic Capcom franchise, including mainstay characters that we've fallen successful emotion with done the years. It besides has an all-star squad down the film, including Robert Kulzer arsenic shaper (Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil movies), James Harris (I Am Not A Serial Killer), Hartley Gorenstein (The Boys), and Martin Moszkowicz arsenic enforcement producer. Alex Zhang (Greyhound) and Victor Hadida are slated to co-executive producer, with Colin Scully and Alex Westmore overseeing the full reboot. 

To larn more, cheque retired the afloat interrogation here

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