Biden Schools Peter Doocy And Calls Out Fox For Not Reporting Afghanistan Truth

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President Biden schooled Peter Doocy and called retired Fox News for not reporting the facts connected Trump’s surrender of Afghanistan.


Biden schools Peter Doocy and takes him to task for not reporting the facts connected Trump's surrender to the Taliban.


Doocy asked the President if helium takes work for Afghanistan.

President Biden answered,  “I bear responsibility for fundamentally each that’s happened of late, but present is the deal. You know, I privation you would one day accidental these things, you know as good arsenic I bash that the former president made a woody with the Taliban that helium would get all American forces retired of Afghanistan by May 1. In instrumentality the committedness was made — and that was a year before. In return, helium was fixed a commitment that the Taliban would proceed to onslaught others but would not onslaught any American forces. Remember that? I’m serious.”

Doocy tried to alteration the subject, but Biden pressed him, “No, no, hold a minute. I’m asking you a question. Is that close to the champion of your knowledge?”

Doocy mumbled thing and tried to inquire a question, but President Biden drove his constituent home, “I deliberation they person an contented that radical are apt to get hurt, immoderate arsenic we’ve seen have gotten killed, and that it is messy. The crushed why, whether my friend volition admit it or has reported it, the crushed wherefore there were nary attacks connected Americans arsenic you said from attacks successful America from the date until I came into office was due to the fact that the committedness was made by President Trump. I volition beryllium retired by May 1st. In the meantime, you hold not to attack immoderate Americans. That was the deal. That’s wherefore nary Americans were attacked. “

Biden Takes On Peter Doocy And Fox News For Not Reporting That He Is Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess

Contrary to what Republicans and Fox News privation to believe, President Biden didn’t travel into bureau with a wide scope of options connected Afghanistan. Trump’s surrender to the Taliban constricted his choices.

Peter Doocy and Fox News person been avoiding the information that Joe Biden was near with a messiness successful Afghanistan, and helium is cleaning up different Trump failure.

President Biden isn’t going to beryllium pushed astir oregon person immoderate narratives acceptable by Fox News.

Peter Doocy tried to usage a property league to propulsion Afghanistan revisionism, and President Biden unopen him down.

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