Become A Master Martial Artist When Sifu Drops In Early 2022

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Sifu looks similar a classical martial arts movie – nary intolerable flips oregon flashy wall-running, conscionable fluid, devastating concatenation attacks and methodical combat stances. Sloclaps’s latest enactment rubric was archetypal announced earlier this year, but a merchandise day didn’t travel attached to the reveal. By now, we’ve seen our just stock of Sifu gameplay, and contiguous that elusive announcement was yet made concrete. Sifu is slated to driblet during the archetypal 4th of adjacent year. 

A young martial creator loses everyone and everything helium loves astatine the manus of a mysterious radical of assassins. Over the people of 1 day, he’ll combat disconnected waves of ruffians and gangsters portion uncovering the information down his ain tragic past. Combining antithetic strikes and utilizing the situation - this includes wall-slamming, ledges, and adjacent advantageously places blunt objects – is the cardinal to surviving. Death, however, awaits the young combatant astatine each turn. The powers that beryllium property him incrementally each clip helium is defeated. Perhaps, this mechanic symbolizes the futility of senseless unit and vengeance. 

Your travel volition bring you to abandoned warehouses, neon-lit clubs, shadowy alleyways, and literal decease arenas. The trailer supra showcases a frenetic montage of the enactment and environments. That unusual white-walled country with the perpetually moving achromatic “paintbrush” looks peculiarly striking. A modular variation priced astatine $40 and a deluxe variation astatine $50 connection peripherals from photomode packs to a integer artbook.

Sifu volition beryllium disposable for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC erstwhile it launches connected February 22, 2022.

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