'Aliir is a problem': Geelong rattled by Power star

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Port Adelaide's Aliir Aliir played a pivotal portion successful his side's ascendant show against Geelong successful the archetypal fractional of their AFL finals clash connected Friday night.

Aliir did his occupation astatine the backmost connected a fig of Geelong forwards, with an unthinkable 5 intercept marks and 3 spoils successful the archetypal 4th unsocial highlighting however helium disrupted their attack.

Port Adelaide's strategy progressive putting Aliir connected galore smaller forwards from the Cats, alternatively of conscionable putting him connected the evident threats similar Jeremy Cameron and Tom Hawkins.

"He's been brilliant," AFL large Jonathan Brown said connected Fox Footy.

"I truly similar the strategy. They've enactment a batch of thought into it and Aliir has been a precise important player."

Port Adelaide's Aliir Aliir (Getty)

Aliir was seen marking Geelong's Brad Close, Gary Rohan, Luke Dahlhaus, and Gryan Miers and his efforts appeared to rattle the Cats.

By halftime Aliir had six disposals and 3 contested marks but it was what wasn't shown connected the stats expanse that was astir telling.

"Aliir Aliir has been the ascendant subordinate connected the ground," Mark Ricciuto said connected Fox Footy.

"What it really made Geelong bash was effort and play a antithetic benignant of football.

"[Patrick] Dangerfield tried to play connected crossed the look of extremity and it was intercepted and they scored from it. That was due to the fact that they didn't privation to footwear it down the enactment to Aliir Aliir - truthful Dangerfield goes for a footwear that is hardly on.

"Not conscionable is helium taking intercept marks, he's causing them to alteration the mode they play truthful he's had a immense interaction connected this game."

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