“You Are White Rage” Watch as CNN’s Brianna Keilar Absolutely Destroys Tucker Carlson

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On Thursday, embattled lawmaker Matt Gaetz attempted to incorporate Fox News into a congressional hearing. The Florida congressman asked General Mark Milley about Critical Race Theory as it relates to the United States military.

Milley went viral when he took the Fox talking points apart. This takedown enraged many at the Conservative network, especially Tucker Carlson who dedicated a segment to the General last night. CNN’s Brianna Keilar ripped into the Fox host calling him the personification of white rage.

Carlson said during his Thursday night show, Hard to believe that man wears a uniform. He’s that unimpressive.

An enraged Keilar began, “Unimpressive, he calls him. What does he mean? You know, setting aside any disagreements he has with Milley – Milley’s not immune from criticism – but look at the stripes on his sleeve. Ten of them, we counted.”

The CNN host continued, “Each one of those overseas service bars is six months deployed. That is five years. That is more time than Tucker Carlson spent at his probably third-choice boarding school.”

Brianna Keilar on Tucker Carlson's "anti-white mania" segment: "That isn't just a dog whistle, it's a white whistle … He pretends white rage doesn't exist, he is white rage. Don't sell yourself short, pal." pic.twitter.com/dafo3BO3rk

— Lis Power (@LisPower1) June 25, 2021

Keilar closed, “Tucker Carlson didn’t serve. His biggest achievement is having nine lives in the world of cable news, making a bow tie famous, and getting away with promoting conspiracy theories night after night after night.”

There was a point in time, where Conservatives showed nothing but respect to the military. Those days are long gone, though. Anyone willing to stand up to the Fox News propaganda machine is now a target for the right, service member or not.

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