WATCH: Samantha Bee Explains Why We Should All Be Terrified of Ron DeSantis, a Slightly More Competent Trump

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Donald Trump’s mark on the Republican party is now quite clear. In order to win big among Conservatives, lawmakers feel that they have to replicate Trump’s behavior.

Ron DeSantis has a bit more a pedigree than Trump. The Navy veteran did his undergrad at Yale and has a law degree from Harvard. The Florida governor, though, is more than happy to dumb his rhetoric down.

A recent poll of Republican voters showed that DeSantis’ strategy is working. Colorado Republicans said they preferred the Florida governor to Trump as the 2024 GOP nominee. Samantha Bee recently explained why that is so scary.

Folks, after five years of the living hell that was the 2020 election, the 2024 presidential election is finally getting into gear,” the comedian said. “And sweet American Jesus, we may already have a frontrunner for the Republican nomination!”

Bee continued, “Governor Ron DeSantis, please look into my eyes and eat sh*t. You’re one of the worst governors in Florida history and they had Jeb Bush and Nosferatu.”

The host closed the segment, “Ron DeSantis isn’t exactly a genius, but even a slightly less dumb, more competent version of Trump could be very dangerous! Whether his agenda is passed or not, DeSantis still wins by signaling his MAGA values to a base that may be eager for a Trump 2.0, minus some of the bugs of the defective first version.”

The reign of Trump may be coming to an end, but the reign of DeSantis is seemingly starting. With plenty of GOP voters comparing him to Ronald Reagan, it is not likely to come to an end soon.

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