Warren Buffett Stocks: Alibaba, PayPal Among 10 Stocks On This Screen

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Which companies suffice arsenic imaginable Warren Buffett stocks? PayPal (PYPL), Logitech (LOGI), Williams-Sonoma (WSM), D.R. Horton (DHI), Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) and Alibaba (BABA) are among 10 stocks connected this screen.


Fellow IBD Long-Term Leader PYPL stock joins Cadence Design Systems (CDNS) connected this database of stocks with a way grounds of sustainable growth.

Since the Oracle of Omaha has ne'er written a publication detailing his concern strategy, there's nary definitive buying checklist. But parts of his stock-picking strategy tin beryllium gleaned from the yearly reports of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB).

Highlighting Warren Buffett Stocks

The database beneath highlights Warren Buffett stocks similar BABA stock, PayPal, Williams-Sonoma, Logitech and Cadence Design Systems that are successful sync with his absorption connected absorption prime and semipermanent growth.

Looking astatine the intimately watched Berkshire Hathaway portfolio, Buffett revealed much vulnerability to user stocks portion selling cause stocks. That inclination reflects the names connected this banal screen, specified has Alibaba, Williams-Sonoma and 1-800-FLOWERS (FLWS).

Homebuilder D.R. Horton (DHI) and semiconductor assemblage stock Teradyne (TER) besides gain a spot connected this database of Warren Buffett stocks.

While respective names connected this database person deed absorption and sold disconnected recently, Ciena and DHI banal are moving connected caller chart patterns. CDNS banal has been rising nicely since its breakout astatine the extremity of July. WSM banal flashed a short-lived leap past its buy point aft reporting net Aug. 25, but has pulled backmost beneath it.

Created successful MarketSmith, the surface beneath emphasizes metrics erstwhile looking for companies with semipermanent past and imaginable aboriginal growth. To marque the list, each banal indispensable conscionable a wide scope of criteria, including:

  • Top 25% of each stocks successful presumption of five-year yearly EPS maturation rate.
  • 15% oregon greater sustainable growth.
  • 12% oregon amended 5-year mean instrumentality connected equity.

Pinpoint Top Growth Stocks With The Screen Of The Day

Warren Buffett Stocks: MarketSmith Screen

Screen created utilizing MarketSmith | Data arsenic of Aug. 27, 2021

Company Symbol Sustainable Growth % ROE 5-Yr Avg Comp Rating EPS Rating RS Rating SMR Rating
Logitech Intl Sa LOGI 54 35.7 70 98 50 A
Teradyne Inc TER 40 31.2 68 89 43 A
Williams Sonoma Inc WSM 40 40.3 97 97 92 A
Sprouts Farmers Market SFM 37 26.8 60 74 48 C
Cadence Design Systems CDNS 34 34.9 93 93 86 A
One-800Flowers.com Cl A FLWS 27 17.1 70 78 60 B
PayPal Holdings Inc PYPL 25 19.8 89 89 72 A
Alibaba Group Hldg Ads BABA 21 24.6 49 92 5 A
Ciena Corporation CIEN 20 15.3 58 61 60 C
D R Horton Inc DHI 19 18.5 91 98 74 A

Rating Potential Oracle Of Omaha Stocks

While utilizing antithetic criteria than that utilized for this database of Warren Buffett stocks, Williams-Sonoma, for example, earns a passing people successful Stock Checkup for its 97 Composite Rating.

Others bash conscionable emblematic Warren Buffett criteria, but bash not conscionable immoderate definite benchmarks CAN SLIM investors typically look for successful the different IBD SmartSelect Ratings that gauge a company's fundamental, arsenic good arsenic technical, strength.

Ranging from 1 (worst) to 99 (best), the Composite Rating reveals however powerfully a institution is showing the seven telltale traits of winning stocks. For example, a standing of 95 means the institution is outperforming 95% of each different stocks successful presumption of the astir important cardinal and method stock-picking criteria.

The EPS Rating tracks a company's yearly and quarterly net growth, past measures however its numbers stack up against those of each different stocks. So conscionable similar the Composite Rating, a people of 95 means the company's EPS maturation is successful the apical 5% of each stocks.

Identifying stocks with beardown fundamentals, the SMR Rating tracks income growth, nett margins and instrumentality connected equity arsenic a whole. An A standing means the institution is successful the apical 20% of each stocks successful presumption of those cardinal cardinal show metrics. Since it ties successful with the legendary investor's absorption connected a company's fundamentals, this tin beryllium a peculiarly utile standing for investors looking for imaginable Warren Buffett stocks.

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