Umpire clash could cost Greene Giants captaincy

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Caroline Wilson has urged the Giants to get superior with Toby Greene's repeated disciplinary issues, and is of the content that helium cannot beryllium made the club's adjacent captain.

Greene is facing a suspension of perchance up to six weeks aft clashing with tract umpire Matt Stevic successful the Giants' one-point elimination last win implicit the Sydney Swans. He was sent straight to the tribunal by AFL Match Review Officer Michael Christian.

The 27-year-old is acceptable to look the euphony connected Tuesday morning, and fixed his agelong enactment of indiscretions, peculiarly successful finals matches, Wilson urged the All-Australian to "grow up".

The seasoned AFL columnist besides took purpose astatine a fig of existent and erstwhile players for their roles successful downplaying Greene's clash with Stevic, including erstwhile Hawthorn skipper Luke Hodge.

Toby Greene has travel nether scrutiny for making interaction with the umpire successful GWS' triumph implicit the Swans. (Getty)

"In my view, this proceeding has to suspend him for astatine slightest 4 weeks, and that's astir apt being lenient, six [weeks] is much similar it," Wilson told Nine's Footy Classified.

"Toby Greene has to marque a large connection present and he's got to turn up obviously. You can't dainty umpires similar this, that was a shocking look for the game.

"I honestly deliberation we request to spot a connection due to the fact that of the wishy-washy and beauteous ridiculous effect we've seen from immoderate of the game's apical players.

"It is truthful overmuch much superior than what Lachie Neale did and I deliberation the AFL has to propulsion the publication astatine him.

Brisbane prima Lachie Neale escaped with a good for this incidental with an umpire earlier successful the play (Fox Footy)

"I emotion Luke Hodge and I deliberation he's doing a large occupation successful his media vocation but I'm sorry, that post-match interrogation conscionable didn't chopped it for me, neither did the [Scott] Pendlebury comment. These guys conscionable don't recognize however superior it is what Toby Greene really did.

"I judge this volition outgo him the captaincy adjacent twelvemonth if they were earnestly looking astatine replacing Stephen Coniglio. I don't deliberation you tin springiness him the captaincy aft he's done this."

Wilson was referencing an incidental involving Brisbane prima Lachie Neale from earlier successful the season, erstwhile Neale was fined $1500 for touching an umpire to bespeak that helium was bleeding.

While Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes agreed that Greene's predominant tribunal dates threatened to beryllium a "distraction", helium urged the AFL to make immoderate clarity astir interaction with umpires.

Toby Greene has go a predominant visitant astatine the AFL tribunal passim his ten-year Giants vocation (Getty)

"I deliberation they're precise forgiving connected him … and it's excessively overmuch of a distraction," helium told Footy Classified.

"Every period we're talking astir an incidental with Toby Greene.

"There comes a constituent wherever you're [27] years of property you've played [176] games, you go a distraction to your teammates. Now, he's that bully that helium gets distant with it, but should he?

"You can't spell a good for Neale and six weeks for Greene, that is acold excessively [big a discrepancy], you've got to rewrite the rule.

"The ruling is ambiguous. If you spell and work the ruling of what goes to a tribunal and what doesn't it is [unclear]."

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