Trump Could Be Financially Destroyed If DA Indicts His Entire Organization

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If the Manhattan DA indicts the Trump Organization, it will be a financial blow that could drive the former president back into bankruptcy.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber tweeted:

The D.A. indicting the *entire* Trump Organization would be a big deal, putting enormous financial pressure on Trump — and potentially bankrupting him by toppling the company that has kept him afloat.

— Ari Melber (@AriMelber) June 25, 2021

A criminal indictment of the Trump Organization itself makes sense given that DA Vance has brought in an expert on prosecuting organized crime to his team and the fact that he is looking at high-level officials within the Trump Organization. 

A criminal indictment of the Organization would financially cripple Donald Trump and his entire family.

Trump is already facing the possibility of owing hundreds of millions of dollars to the IRS, and he has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans coming due to foreign banks like the Chinese.

An indictment of the Organization would not mean that Trump himself would or could not be indicted, but it would shut down a criminal money-making operation and destroy Trump’s financial mechanism.

Donald Trump has a ton of legal problems to worry about, but perhaps the one that could devastate the political comeback that he is counting on would be an indictment of his business because that would financially destroy him.

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