Save Money With Marketwired Pricing Plans

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How To Save Money With Marketwired Pricing Plans


 Marketwired Pricing  and PRWeb are two of the most popular companies for news distribution, and both provide affordable services with high-quality results. The difference is not just in the price but also in how you can use them to save money on your marketing budget. We'll talk about some of their pricing plans below, but first, let's take a look at how they compare against one another on some key metrics:

Marketwired Pricing Plan: News Distribution Only

Marketwired Pricing Plan: News Distribution Only

Marketwire is a news distribution service that provides the content to over 2,000 media outlets across the world. With its pricing plan, you can easily get started with the platform and start sending out your own content to marketplaces such as APN Newswire or AASO Press Release Platform.

The Marketwire plan costs $99 per month and includes all of the following:

  • Unlimited access to our premium distribution services (including up to 250 submissions)

  • Submissions sent directly from users on your behalf

Marketwired Starter Plan

The Marketwired Starter Plan is a great option for small PRWeb Pricing  that want to get started with Marketwired. It includes all of the features of our Standard plan, plus:

  • News Distribution Only - You don't have to worry about SEO or social media strategy with this plan.

  • No Press Release Syndication - You'll still be able to syndicate press releases but they will not appear on your homepage and landing pages. Instead, they'll show up in the news feed of followers who follow you on Twitter or Facebook (or both).

Marketwired Premier Plan

The Marketwired Premier Plan includes a custom landing page, domain name, and email address. You also have the option to create your own logo and social media pages.

In addition to these features, the Marketwired Premier Plan offers:

  • A mobile app (IOS & Android) that offers access to all of your data in one place. You can schedule calendar events directly from the app or even use it as an interactive whiteboard!

  • A webinar platform where you can host webinars with upsells at no extra cost! This feature is especially useful if you want someone else on your team who isn't technically savvies enough yet but still needs training on how things work inside their local market...

PRWeb Pricing Plan: News Distribution with SEO

PRWeb offers a number of pricing plans, including News Distribution with SEO.

PRWeb is a popular Press Release Pricing that allows you to get your message out there in the most efficient manner. This can be accomplished by offering your customers access to key search terms that they have entered into their browsers, or even more specifically within specific web pages on their computers. This lets them quickly find what they're looking for while also increasing their conversion rate because they know exactly where it is located!

The free trial period lasts 30 days and includes all features except premium publishing which costs $99 per month (this also means they won't give you access to any tracking tools unless signed up). You can cancel at any time but keep in mind that if there are outstanding payments made during this time period then those bills will become due immediately upon cancellation so make sure not to lock yourself into something before checking it out first!

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is the most affordable option and provides news distribution only. It has no SEO, so it's best for small businesses that don't need to rank for any keywords or even have a website.

Advanced Plan

With the Advanced Plan, you can choose from any of our pricing plans and get all of their features. The Advance Plan includes the same features as the Premier Plan, but with a unique domain name and custom logo. It also allows for up to five custom pages for your website or landing page.

The Advanced Plan is available for $199/month

Premium Plan

  • Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is a great way to save money. It allows you to get up to 25% off news distribution rates and up to 10% off news distribution rates, respectively. If you're looking for more savings, then the Premium Plan is also available at 20%.

Ultimate Plan

An Ultimate Plan is a great option for publishers who want to distribute their content widely and get paid for it. It includes 1,000 articles per month, which means that you can quickly build your own platform without spending much time on the backend. The Ultimate Plan also comes with all of the features of the Premium Plan, including unlimited distribution to all newswires (the top five markets).

You will have access to unlimited distribution through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; email lists from MailChimp or AWeber; RSS feeds from Feedblitz; Google News; other major news sources like Yahoo Finance, etc., all at no extra cost!

Marketwired and PRWeb both provide affordable news distribution services.

Marketwired and PRWeb both offer affordable news distribution services. PRWeb is a great option for small businesses that need to reach a wide audience, while Marketwired offers more features and higher-level pricing plans for larger companies.

Both PRWeb and Marketwire have a good reputation in the industry, so you can feel confident that they will provide you with quality services at competitive rates.


 Marketwired and PRWeb both provide affordable news distribution services. Both companies offer different pricing plans and service levels, so it’s important to consider what you need before signing up with either one of them.

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