Representative Thomas Massie Deletes Tweet Comparing Vaccine Mandates to the Holocaust

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Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has deleted a tweet comparing Covid-19 vaccine mandates to the Holocaust.

Massie shared a meme showing an limb tattooed with a attraction campy recognition number, efficaciously comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust, which was the systematic execution of much than six cardinal Jews crossed German-occupied Europe.

Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie deleted a tweet Wednesday nighttime comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust.


Massie has downplayed the pandemic’s severity from the start.

In March 2020, arsenic lawmakers worked to walk badly-needed alleviation amid the pandemic’s economical fallout, helium forced legislators to instrumentality to Washington to ballot connected the much-discussed coronavirus alleviation measurement contempt concerns astir the virus.

At the time, Massie besides threatened to artifact the adjacent coronavirus alleviation package, saying helium objected to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) plans to walk immoderate woody struck with Republicans by unanimous consent oregon dependable vote, 2 methods utilized successful the House to expedite transition of uncontroversial legislation. These methods don’t necessitate each legislators to beryllium present, though 1 tin object.

“Once again they’re recommending that conscionable fto Nancy Pelosi walk it connected her own, that we tin each enactment home,” Massie said astatine the clip during an interrogation connected Fox Business. “And I’m saying that’s not going to fly. It doesn’t alert with the Constitution, it doesn’t alert with accountability to the taxpayers.”

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