Plug Power Earnings Are Coming; Here’s What Matters

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With 4Q21 net play kicking off, RBC’s Jospeh Spak believes the quarter’s results volition instrumentality a backmost spot to 2022 guidance. And the expert thinks companies are apt to supply “fairly prudent” outlooks.

Looking astatine the lawsuit of Plug Power (PLUG), this is evidently true; compared to Spak’s gross forecast, the institution is taking the harmless route.

The hydrogen specialist’s preliminary 2022 gross usher has called for income betwixt $900-$925 cardinal – breached down to $600 cardinal for worldly handling, $150 cardinal successful electrolyzers, $75 cardinal caller markets and $100 cardinal acquisition payment - though the institution did accidental beardown electrolyzer request could supply immoderate upside.

Spak’s estimation is higher – astatine $986 million, which is besides mode supra the Street’s forecast of $911 million. That said, connected the different broadside of the coin, Spak’s EBITDA estimation stands astatine ($76 million) vs. statement astatine ($10 million), a fig which appears “wildly optimistic,” according to Spak.

2022 should besides spot immoderate large investments, which Spak believes positions the institution for “meaningful borderline enlargement and gross growth” implicit the longer-term. These include: “1) Hydrogen works expansions 2) Site retrofits and strategy powerfulness and bundle improvements that volition amended reliability of substance compartment systems and trim costs to work and 3) Applied Cryo Tech and Frames Group acquisitions adhd $100mm of revenues.”

As for 4Q21, the key, says the analyst, volition beryllium the top-line figure; Spak has gross hitting $161 million, supra Wall Street’s $156 cardinal forecast, with Spak’s fig suggesting gross billings for the twelvemonth volition scope $500 million, the fig PLUG was aiming for.

Investors volition besides beryllium keen to spot if determination is immoderate interaction from elevated fuel, work & products costs. The institution has indicated heightened freight, worldly and labour related costs are expected to remain. Spak expects these to abate somewhat arsenic 2022 progresses.

All successful all, up of the print, Spak rates PLUG shares an Outperform (i.e. Buy) on with a $43 terms target. This people brings the upside imaginable to ~88%. (To ticker Spak’s way record, click here)

The remainder of the Street supports Spak's thesis. In fact, the mean terms people is adjacent much upbeat; astatine $47.80, the fig is expected to output 12-month returns of ~109%. The banal boasts a Strong Buy statement rating, based connected 12 Buys and 3 Holds. (See PLUG banal forecast connected TipRanks)

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