Nio and Xpeng Slide After Deliveries Disappoint. The Chip Shortage Strikes Again.

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Updated Sept. 1, 2021 8:53 americium ET / Original Sept. 1, 2021 7:44 americium ET

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A Nio eS8 car

Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images

Covid-19 and the semiconductor shortage are hitting electrical conveyance stocks again arsenic Chinese August electrical conveyance deliveries came up short.

NIO (ticker: NIO) banal is down 5% successful premarket trading, portion XPeng (XPEV) shares are disconnected astir 2.5%. S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are some up 0.3%.

Tesla (TSLA) shares are besides taking a tiny deed disconnected the Chinese transportation results, with shares down astir 0.2%. Li Auto (LI) banal is the 1 Chinese EV shaper bucking the trend. Its August deliveries look OK and shares are up astir 0.9% successful premarket trading.

NIO delivered 5,880 vehicles successful August. Far abbreviated of its monthly accumulation capableness of astir 8,000 vehicles and abbreviated of the 7,931 vehicles delivered successful July. What’s more, the institution chopped guidance. Deliveries for the 3rd 4th are present expected to travel successful astatine astir 23,000, abbreviated of the 24,000 expected erstwhile the institution reported second-quarter net successful early August. If determination is simply a metallic lining for investors it’s that NIO’s guidance implies astir 9,000 vehicles delivered successful September. That means it expects accumulation and deliveries to bounce back.

XPeng delivered 7,214 vehicles successful August, amended than NIO’s fig but abbreviated of the 8,040 delivered successful July. XPeng didn’t update its guidance possibly due to the fact that it reported second-quarter numbers connected August 26. The institution expects to present 22,000 vehicles successful the 3rd quarter. That implies astir 7,000 deliveries successful September.

The different affirmative information constituent for investors to clasp connected to is Li deliveries. Li delivered 9,433 vehicles successful August. That’s a caller monthly grounds and up from the 8,589 delivered successful July. But Li’s quarterly guidance implies astir 7,000 units delivered successful September, truthful its deliveries are expected to gaffe successful the coming month.

Taken together, the 3 U.S. listed Chinese EV makers delivered astir 22,500 vehicles successful August, down from astir 22,700 delivered successful July.

The Chinese EV assemblage is inactive facing proviso concatenation constraints, 1 that’s been a headache for investors each twelvemonth by generating anemic returns and volatility. Coming into Wednesday trading, NIO and XPeng are down astir 19% and 1%, respectively, portion Li shares are up astir 7%. The 3 stocks are disconnected astir 40%, connected average, from their 52-week highs acceptable either successful precocious 2020 oregon aboriginal 2021.

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