Mitch McConnell Tells Republicans There Will No Impeachment Of Joe Biden

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At an lawsuit successful Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told his ain enactment that President Biden volition not beryllium impeached.

McConnell said:

At an lawsuit successful KY, @LeaderMcConnell is asked if Biden's behaviour is impeachable. "Well, look the president is not going to beryllium removed from office...I deliberation the mode these behaviors get adjusted successful this state is astatine the ballot box." "There isn't going to beryllium an impeachment."


Mitch McConnell understands that Biden’s determination successful Afghanistan is not an impeachable offense. More importantly to him, the Senate Minority Leader knows that his hopes of retaking the Senate successful 2022 volition spell down the drain if Democrats deliberation that Republicans are going to impeach Biden.

If Republicans would instrumentality backmost the House and impeach the President, McConnell is making it wide that the Senate volition person nary clip for their nonsense.

It whitethorn look astonishing that Sen. McConnell would disregard impeaching President Biden, but it isn’t.

McConnell lone cares astir becoming Senate Majority Leader again, and helium is not astir to fto the clownery of House Republicans get successful his way.

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