Martian cave entrances may offer a life-friendly radiation shield

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By Leah Crane

Martian surface

A void connected the Martian aboveground that whitethorn incorporate caves, captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s (MRO) HiRISE camera


Most of Mars is highly inhospitable to life, but determination whitethorn beryllium a workaround – the areas adjacent the entrances to caves whitethorn beryllium shielded from immoderate of the harmful radiation that bombards the planet’s surface.

Because Mars does not person a planetary magnetic tract oregon a heavy ambiance similar Earth, its aboveground is exposed to unsafe UV and ionising radiation from space, which presents a occupation for autochthonal beingness and quality explorers alike. Any surviving happening connected the Martian aboveground would beryllium exposed to doses of radiation that are connected mean 900 times higher than what they would acquisition connected Earth.

However, images of the satellite from orbit person shown what look to beryllium entrances to caves, and the insides of these caverns could beryllium protected from those harmful rays. Daniel Viúdez-Moreiras astatine Spain’s National Institute for Aerospace Technology calculated however overmuch UV radiation would inactive marque it into antithetic types of caves astatine assorted locations connected Mars.

He recovered that successful galore cases, the levels of UV radiation wrong the caves would beryllium astir 2 per cent of the levels connected the surface. Those radiation levels are debased capable to beryllium comparatively safe, but inactive precocious capable to prolong organisms that necessitate airy to nutrient vigor via photosynthesis.

It’s not wide whether ionising radiation – perchance adjacent much unsafe than UV – would beryllium blocked retired the aforesaid way, but it is likely, says Viúdez-Moreiras. “Ionising radiation doesn’t contiguous precisely the aforesaid behaviour arsenic UV radiation,” helium says. “However, it is expected that ionising radiation volition besides beryllium powerfully attenuated successful pit craters and cave skylights.”

The consequences of this are twofold: caves whitethorn beryllium harmless locations for quality explorers to fell from the utmost conditions astatine the Martian surface, and they whitethorn besides beryllium immoderate of the champion places to hunt for signs of life connected the Red Planet. No lander oregon rover has ever visited a cave connected Mars, but doing truthful would beryllium the champion mode to fig retired whether they truly are habitable, Viúdez-Moreiras says.

Journal reference: Icarus, DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2021.114658

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