Mandy Patinkin shares emotional 'Princess Bride' backstory

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(CNN)Way to marque america outcry Mandy Patinkin.

The histrion shared a moving backstory astir his relation successful the cult classical movie "The Princess Bride" on his authoritative TikTok account successful effect to a idiosyncratic sharing her own.

Amanda Webb posted a video successful which she shared that the movie was a favourite of hers and of her precocious father, who died successful March from cancer.

    One country successful particular, the 1 successful which Patinkin arsenic Iñigo Montoya duels with Christopher Guest's quality Count Rugen and says to him, "I privation my begetter back."

      Webb said she'd heard a rumor that Patinkin was reasoning astir his father, whom helium mislaid to cancer, erstwhile helium filmed that country and wondered if that was true.

      Patinkin posted a video of him and his woman Kathryn Grody watching Webb's video and helium tearfully confirmed the communicative was true.

      "I went extracurricular successful this castle and walked around," the histrion said. "And I kept talking to my dada and I said, 'Dad, I'm going to get this guy.'"

      Patinkin said that from the clip helium work the publication that helium knew helium would attack the country that mode due to the fact that helium felt that successful defeating the quality it "means I termination the crab that killed my dada and I'll get to sojourn my dad."

        "And I went and I played that country with Chris," helium said. "Then I went backmost retired determination and talked to my dad."

        The prima told Webb she excessively could speech to her dada and requested that if she could, to delight get the sanction of her begetter to him truthful helium could adhd it to the database of those radical helium prays for daily.

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