Macaulay Culkin makes 'American Horror Story' debut

1 month ago 24
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(CNN)Macaulay Culkin made his "American Horror Story" debut connected Wednesday night.

The histrion appeared successful "American Horror Story: Double Feature" which besides stars Evan Peters and Lily Rabe, arsenic good arsenic longtime prima Sarah Paulson.

It's the 10th play of Ryan Murphy's anthology -- arsenic its rubric suggests, it volition aerial successful 2 parts. The past play aired successful 2019.

    Culkin, who besides turned 41 connected Thursday and announced the birth of his son earlier this year, plays Mickey, a cause addict.

      The histrion referenced some his day and his debut connected the amusement successful a tweet.

        "Like a good vessel of Worcester condiment we each get amended with age. With that successful caput here's your yearly reminder that clip does so march onward," helium tweeted. "I'm 41 years old. I anticipation you bask each passing twelvemonth arsenic overmuch arsenic I do. We're not getting older, we're conscionable getting saucier."

        He past followed up with a tweet that read, "Also, determination seems to beryllium a ace handsome, middle-aged dude connected this play of American Horror Story. If I were you I'd wholly cheque him out."

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