How To Use a Foam Roller

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Tight muscles are nary fun. They get achy and tired, making workout and different activities a chore. You whitethorn besides find that choky muscles permission you feeling little flexible erstwhile you effort to move. A bully massage tin loosen up your choky spots, but if you can’t get a nonrecreational massage, effort a foam roller instead.

What Is a Foam Roller?

Foam rollers are ample cylinders made of coagulated foam. They travel successful antithetic sizes and firmness levels. You tin usage them to massage ample musculus groups. Some radical usage them aft a workout to ward disconnected soreness. Others see foam rolling arsenic portion of a warm-up to marque definite muscles are escaped earlier exercising. Other radical usage them to agelong distant tension.

What Does a Foam Roller Do?

Foam rollers, similar a massage, are a benignant of myofascial merchandise technique. The fascia is simply a furniture of fibrous insubstantial that surrounds your muscles. It contains and protects your muscles, and helps the muscles determination smoothly truthful you tin beryllium active.

If your muscles are overworked oregon injured, the fascia tin declaration to support the muscles from further injury. The hostility tin stay aft the muscles person healed, truthful whitethorn you consciousness stiff and choky aft the strain oregon wounded is better. Myofascial merchandise techniques cautiously manipulate the tissues and fto them unbend into a loosened state.

Foam Roller Exercises

Here are 5 ways you tin usage a foam roller:

Hamstrings : Hamstrings tin tighten up if you walk a batch of clip sitting astatine work. Using a foam roller volition boost circulation to the country to get your humor flowing to these muscles. Rolling volition besides loosen muscles that person gotten stiff from staying still. Here’s however to usage a foam roller for your hamstrings:

  • Sit connected the level with your legs extended forward.
  • Lift yourself up and backmost until the roller is touching the backmost of your limb betwixt the genu and hip.
  • Slowly determination guardant and backmost on the magnitude of your thigh.
  • Continue for astir 30 seconds.

Quadriceps : If you beryllium a lot, your quads walk a batch of clip successful a shortened position. The foam roller volition assistance loosen choky fibers surrounding your limb muscles. This volition amended mobility and flexibility. To massage this musculus group, bash the following:

  • Start successful a plank presumption with the roller nether your thigh. ‌
  • Push your assemblage guardant and back, truthful the roller goes implicit the magnitude of your quad muscles.
  • If you deed a tender spot, clasp inactive and halt rolling connected it. Maintain dependable unit for a fewer breaths.
  • Continue for astir 30 seconds.


Upper Back : Sitting, standing, and exercising tin each enactment a strain connected your backmost and shoulders. Rolling the muscles tin trim insignificant spasms that origin pain. The accrued flexibility and loosened muscles volition assistance amended your posture, truthful you don’t marque hostility worse by holding an antithetic position. Here’s however to usage a foam roller for your precocious back:

  • Lie connected the level with your knees bent. Rest your shoulders against the roller.‌
  • Raise your hips and usage your feet to propulsion your precocious assemblage backmost and distant on the roller.
  • Continue for astir 30 seconds.

Illiotibial Band : The iliotibial set (IT band) is simply a agelong long of connective insubstantial that goes down the extracurricular of your limb from your pelvis to your knee. IT bands tin get choky and origin genu and hep discomfort. Rolling retired the hostility successful the IT set is arsenic bully arsenic a warm-up and a post-workout routine. Here’s however to rotation it out:

  • Lie connected your side, legs extended, with your outer thigh connected the roller.
  • Rest your apical limb connected your bottommost leg. Alternately, transverse your apical limb crossed your bottommost limb and remainder your ft connected the ground.
  • Use your limb to enactment your precocious body.
  • Roll down the extracurricular of your limb and back. If you deed a achy spot, intermission for a fewer breaths.
  • Continue for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat connected the different side.

Latissimus Muscles : Also known arsenic your lats, these muscles are located nether your limb and down the broadside of your ribcage. If they are tight, it tin upset your postures. Loosening these muscles volition fto you basal oregon beryllium up straighter. This volition besides support your backmost from feeling fatigued. To rotation retired this musculus group, bash the following:

  • Lie connected your backmost with the foam roller positioned underneath 1 of your lats.
  • Keep your bottommost limb consecutive and crook your precocious limb crossed it to assistance with balance.
  • Slowly commencement to rotation from your armpit down to your mid-back area.
  • Continue for 30 seconds, past power to rotation connected the different side.

If you are unsure if you are steadfast capable for foam rolling, telephone your doctor. They tin sermon the risks and benefits with you. 

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