How Rabbitohs will fill void left by Mitchell

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South Sydney prima Cameron Murray has revealed the apt replacement for teammate Latrell Mitchell aft the fullback's shocking deed connected Roosters centre Joseph Manu volition spot him service a lengthy suspension.

Manu was clobbered by Mitchell with a vicious precocious shot connected Friday night, and arsenic a effect helium needed to spell to infirmary to person aesculapian treatment. The incidental has each but rendered Mitchell's play over, facing a minimum six-week and maximum nine-week ban.

Murray said for the Rabbitohs it's concern arsenic accustomed with a 'next antheral up' mentality, meaning youngster Blake Taaffe is expected to measurement into Mitchell's shoes.

"What's done is done," helium told Nine's Sunday NRL Footy Show.

"It's a large accidental for whoever comes in. Looks similar it mightiness beryllium young Blake Taaffe.

"We ever said astatine the commencement of the play if we spell each the mode it'll beryllium a squad effort and we're going to person to trust connected the squad .

"Having Latrell retired we're going to person to person different radical measurement up into antithetic roles.

"I'm truly excited to spot what Taffy tin bash for us."

Latrell clobbers Manu

South Sydney person won 5 retired of six games without Mitchell this twelvemonth but they were not against top-six teams.

Peter Sterling agreed that Taaffe was a bully prime to regenerate Mitchell.

"He was truly bully erstwhile helium played determination a fig of weeks ago," helium said connected the NRL Sunday Footy Show.

"I deliberation erstwhile you've got Alex Johnston doing what helium does, you don't privation to interfere with that."

'Latrell retired for the year': Gus

Fittler was sympathetic with Mitchell contempt the harm helium caused Manu with a fractured cheekbone.

"You've got to springiness it context," helium said connected the panel.

"The happening astir the tackle is its precise antithetic to beryllium side-on successful our game. He's travel crossed and he's saved the effort and sometimes to prevention the effort you've got to travel successful beauteous hard.

"After that, it's each connected Latrell - he's deed him precocious and his mate is present successful infirmary and wont beryllium capable to play.

"But you've got to springiness it equilibrium wherefore the tackle happened, and the extremity of the time helium was shielding the try-line and that's however it ended up. It gives it context."

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