Google Nest Doorbell (battery) vs Nest Hello Doorbell (wired): What's the difference?

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(Pocket-lint) - Google Nest archetypal introduced a video doorbell successful the signifier of the Nest Hello backmost successful 2018. It was a wired doorbell, meaning installation wasn't suitable - oregon much hard - for immoderate households. 

Three years later, Google Nest present offers a battery-powered doorbell, with a fewer other features compared to the Nest Hello. If you're wondering which Google Nest doorbell is champion for you, you're successful the close place. 

Here is however the Nest Doorbell (battery) and Nest Hello Doorbell (wired) compare.



The Google Nest Doorbell (battery) costs £179.99 successful the UK, $179.99 successful the US and it is disposable to pre-order. It volition beryllium delivered astatine the extremity of August.

The Google Nest Hello Doorbell (wired) costs £229.99 successful the UK, $229.99 successful the US and it is disposable to bargain already, though you request to origin successful installation costs if you don't person an existing wired doorbell.


  • Nest Hello Doorbell (wired): 116.8 x 43.2 x 25.4mm, IPX4
  • Nest Doorbell (battery): 160 x 46 x 24.1mm, IP54

The 2 Google Nest doorbells stock akin plan traits, though they aren't identical. The archetypal Nest Hello comes successful achromatic lone and features a fastener astatine the bottommost with an LED ringing astir it, camera astatine the top, and a slim plan with a rounded apical and bottom.

The Nest Doorbell (battery) comes successful achromatic lone and portion it excessively features a fastener astatine the bottommost with an LED ring, camera astatine the apical and a slim plan with rounded apical and bottom, it is taller and wider than the Nest Hello (wired) and it is besides made with much sustainable materials.

Both are astir the aforesaid thickness though, with the Nest Doorbell (battery) being somewhat slimmer than the Nest Hello, contempt the battery. The wired enactment has a IPX4 rating, portion the artillery enactment has a IP54 rating.

The camera lens is besides much evident connected the Nest Doorbell (battery) arsenic it is connected the achromatic background, and the fastener is larger than the Nest Hello. 


  • Nest Hello Doorbell (wired): Talk and Listen, Quick Response, HD video, HDR, Night Vision, Chime, Motion and Person alerts, Parcel and Sound alerts with subscription
  • Nest Hello (battery): Talk and Listen, Quick Response, HD video, HDR, Night Vision, Chime (when wired), Motion/People/Animal/Parcel/Vehicle alerts without subscription, Recording erstwhile powerfulness cut

Both Nest Doorbells connection a Talk and Listen feature, allowing you to pass with idiosyncratic astatine your doorway done the Nest app and they besides some connection Quick Responses, which are preset messages that you tin nonstop rapidly if you can't get to your door. 

They besides some person HD video with HDR and Night Vision, 24/7 unrecorded streaming and they volition some connection up to 60 days of lawsuit video past with Nest Aware. You tin besides acceptable enactment zones and brace either up with a Nest Hub oregon Nest speaker for visitant announcements. 

There are a mates of differences successful the remainder of the features offered by the 2 doorbells though. The Nest Hello Doorbell (wired) offers a chime, 10 days of 24/7 video past with Nest Aware Plus and question and idiosyncratic alerts without a Nest Aware subscription.

The Nest Doorbell (battery) meanwhile, has person, motion, parcel, carnal and conveyance alerts without a subscription, three-hours video clip lawsuit past alternatively than inactive images similar the Nest Hello, and it volition proceed to grounds during a Wi-Fi oregon powerfulness cut. It lone has a chime erstwhile wired successful though and determination is nary enactment for video history. 

Hardware and specs

  • Nest Hello (wired): 3MP colour sensor, 8x integer zoom, 4:3 ratio, 160-degree FOV
  • Nest Doorbell (battery): 1.3MP colour sensor, 6x integer zoom, 3:4 ratio, 145-degree FOV

The Nest Hello Doorbell (wired) offers a 4:3 facet ratio and a 160-degree diagonal tract of view. It's a wider presumption than the battery-powered Nest doorbell, fitting successful a radical of radical for example, though you volition inactive beryllium capable to spot packages connected the floor.

It has a 1/3-inch, 3-megapixel colour sensor that offers 8x integer zoom and it offers 1600 x 1200 video astatine 30fps.

The Nest Doorbell (battery) has a 3:4 facet ratio and a 145-degree diagonal tract of view. It has a taller presumption than the Hello wired doorbell, enabling you to amended spot things connected the level successful beforehand of your doorbell, arsenic good arsenic people. 

It has a 1/3-inch, 1.3-megapixel colour sensor that offers 6x integer zoom and 1280 x 960 video astatine 30fps.

Both person a talker and microphone connected board, though the battery-operated doorbell offers sound cancellation.

Of course, the biggest quality is the Nest Hello Doorbell is wired and truthful needs to beryllium professionally installed unless you aresdy person a wired doorbell, portion the Nest Doorbell (battery) tin beryllium artillery powered oregon wired. You volition request to complaint the artillery if you opt for artillery powered truthful carnivore that successful mind. A one-metre charging cablegram comes successful the box.



The archetypal determination betwixt the 2 Nest Doorbells volition travel down to your location and which is much suitable successful presumption of installation. For some, the wired doorbell won't beryllium applicable and truthful the artillery enactment is your lone option.

That's not to accidental the battery-powered Nest Doorbell is the lesser enactment though. It has a mates of other features implicit the Nest Hello wired doorbell, similar much alerts included without a subscription and the quality to proceed signaling adjacent successful a powerfulness chopped oregon Wi-Fi cut. It's besides cheaper, particularly if you see installation costs of the Nest Hello wired doorbell. 

The Nest Hello wired doorbell is an fantabulous prime excessively though, and it offers somewhat amended video resolution, arsenic good arsenic a chime.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 10 August 2021.

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