Germany’s new coalition government may boost climate change action

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Environment 27 September 2021

By Adam Vaughan

Climate alteration  protesters holding signs successful  a ample  crowd

Demonstrators astatine a protestation for clime justness successful Berlin connected 24 September

Florian Gaertner/Photothek via Getty Images

A caller German authorities is expected to beryllium acold much ambitious connected clime change, with other enactment for renewables and enactment against fossil fuels. But the 3 parties hoping to signifier a conjugation indispensable archetypal compromise connected antithetic visions of however to bash that, which could instrumentality months.

Against a backdrop of clime alteration protests crossed German cities connected 24 September, the centre-left Social Democratic enactment (SPD) won 25.7 per cent of the ballot connected 26 September, narrowly beating …

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