Fraternity petition reaches over 70,000 signatures

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - An online petition accuses 2 members of Phi Gamma Delta - besides known arsenic Fiji - of intersexual battle astir a twelvemonth agone and accuses constabulary and the schoolhouse of not doing thing astir it.

As of Tuesday evening, the petition has much than 70,000 signatures. An archetypal mentation included their names and pictures, which person since been removed.

In a statement, Fiji enforcement manager Rob Caudill told TV9, “Upon learning of the allegations past September, the fraternity instantly removed the members progressive and cooperated with the University and section constabulary investigation.”

The petition claims Iowa City Police person video and DNA evidence, but that the region lawyer opted not to prosecute. Iowa City Police declined to remark oregon corroborate if it investigated the allegations.

Adam Robinson, the enforcement manager of the Rape Victim Advocacy Program, said, successful his experience, galore intersexual battle cases bash not spell to court.

”Those that person experienced intersexual battle oregon intersexual unit successful immoderate way, often aren’t believed. And erstwhile they are believed, immoderate systems arsenic well-meaning arsenic it whitethorn be, steps successful to instrumentality power and powerfulness backmost from the unfortunate which isn’t conscionable to them,” Robinson said.

The petition besides criticizes the University arsenic the students named are inactive listed arsenic existent students and adjacent claims to beryllium successful the aforesaid people arsenic the victim.

Storm O’Brink, with RVAP, said that is simply a communal contented with intersexual allegations connected campus.

”Regardless of what the facts of the communicative are, careless of the victim’s actions, the perpetrator’s actions, anyone’s actions that were involved, the justness strategy is not formatted oregon made to enactment victims,” O’Brink said.

The University of Iowa said that it can’t remark connected pupil matters due to the fact that of privateness laws. It said it offers to conscionable with anyone who reports intersexual misconduct, but not each unfortunate chooses to bash that.

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