Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: Our Country Has Become Too Woke to Deal With a Problem Like Afghanistan

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The occupation of the anchors connected Fox News has ne'er been to accurately study the news. At slightest not for the past fewer years.

Fox has figured retired that the champion mode to support the GOP successful powerfulness is to perpetually marque their viewers angry. And the network’s outrage instrumentality is present precise focused connected cancel civilization and “wokeism.”

The network’s personalities are truthful focused connected being woke, successful fact, that they enactment it into scenarios that person thing to bash with the subject.

During today’s occurrence of The Five, the hosts discussed the Taliban’s efforts to beryllium progressive successful the clime alteration fight. Greg Gutfeld noted to his co-host, “Wow. Sounds similar someone’s aiming for a primetime gig connected CNN. So, Dana, Greta Thunberg indispensable beryllium thrilled. “

Dana Perino jumped in, “You don’t privation your funds to beryllium chopped disconnected from the world. You privation the World Bank to wage attraction to you, you privation immoderate countries to lessen sanctions, there’s a large mode to their bosom and they cognize precisely what it is, it is done clime change.”

The absurd conception ended with Gutfeld proclaiming, “As America — arsenic our authorities keeps pushing its mode towards wokeism, determination is fundamentally nary mode to woody with thing similar Afghanistan, due to the fact that we suffer the options that being a woke state would not let you to do. In a weird way, the Taliban is going to beryllium China’s occupation and China’s going to person nary occupation dealing with them.”

Watch a clip of the conception below, courtesy of Fox News:

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