Fantom (FTM) hits new all-time highs – Is it the right time to buy?

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Fantom (FTM) has been surging implicit the past fewer days. The Ethereum rival successful information managed to transverse supra $3.4, hitting an all-time precocious successful the process. But is it the close clip to bargain Fantom? How acold tin this uptrend momentum spell successful the adjacent and agelong term? Here are immoderate highlights:

  • Fantom (FTM) has outperformed astir each large cryptos, gaining a whopping 35% implicit the past week.

  • The token did autumn somewhat from its all-time precocious and was trading astatine $3.22 astatine the clip of writing.

  • Total Value locked connected Fantom (FTM) has surged to $7.75 billion, a 26% leap implicit 7 days.

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Fantom (FTM) – Price enactment and prediction

Fantom (FTM) has often been described arsenic an underrated task that is going to astonishment many. Despite a dilatory commencement successful 2022, the altcoin has held dependable and is present charting an upward trajectory. 

Weekly gains basal astatine 35%, the champion successful the full market. But it is the full worth locked oregon TVL that is attracting a batch of interest. Last week, Fantom’s TVL roseate to $7.7 billion, a 26% summation implicit 7 days. This was 1 of the cardinal drivers of the terms enactment this week. 

We expect Fantom (FTM) to support this trajectory. Although the token has somewhat fallen from its $3.4 all-time high, it volition retest that threshold successful the coming days.

Should you bargain Fantom (FTM)

For the past months, Fantom (FTM) has ranked arsenic 1 of the fastest-growing crypto assets successful the market. If you are looking for a decent Ethereum alternate with superb underlying fundamentals, past Fantom (FTM) is simply a decent option. 

As for folks who privation a abbreviated word play, possibly thrust the bullish uptrend. In fact, implicit the past fewer days, radical who person tried to stake against FTM person been burned, truthful it whitethorn not beryllium a bully idea.

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