Everything you need to know about the Dead Space remake: Release date, trailer and more

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(Pocket-lint) - One of the breakout successes of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 epoch of gaming, the Dead Space franchise, is backmost - a remake of the archetypal crippled is connected the way.

The crippled was unveiled astatine EA Play Live successful July 2021, and we already cognize a fewer cardinal facts astir it, truthful work connected to find retired everything you request to know.

Dead Space trailer and merchandise date

The trailer supra is the 1 that EA and developer Motive showed disconnected during EA Play Live, and portion it's airy connected details, you tin archer that it gives a beauteous bully consciousness of what the finished crippled is going to consciousness similar - it's creepy! There's a acold much lengthy and elaborate developer diary that you'll find a spot further down, too.

However, the teaser doesn't extremity with a merchandise model astatine all, truthful we're inactive nary the wiser astir erstwhile the crippled volition really travel out. We'd ideate that precocious 2022 would beryllium the earliest you tin expect it, but don't beryllium amazed if it ends up taking a small longer than that, even.

Dead Space platforms

While we don't person a merchandise date, 1 precise absorbing item confirmed successful the details of that trailer is astir the platforms Dead Space is coming to.

This is simply a next-gen lone experience, people! It's planned for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and the PC - that's it. If you're inactive connected the PS4 oregon Xbox One, you're retired of luck, though there's inactive plentifulness of clip to upgrade earlier it comes out.

Dead Space story

While the caller Dead Space is being rebuilt from the crushed up from a method perspective, we tin presume that the communicative of the crippled volition stay precise akin to the original.

That means that we'll erstwhile again beryllium taking connected the relation of Isaac Clarke, a 23rd-century technologist sent to assistance hole the stranded spaceship Ishimura. Upon arrival, it rapidly becomes wide that things are precise incorrect connected the ship, with hideous necromorphs taking power of it and roaming its corridors and bays.

We won't spoil immoderate much successful lawsuit radical haven't played the archetypal game, but suffice to accidental that things get beauteous acheronian arsenic Isaac has to usage his mining tools to support himself from assorted hideous fates. We besides cognize that Isaac's archetypal dependable histrion volition beryllium returning to the role, with immoderate expanded dialog and a much earthy script.

Secondary characters volition besides seemingly get a spot much screen-time to humanise them and marque them much believable and likeable, thing that could decidedly amended the original's harsh attack to sidesplitting radical off.

Dead Space gameplay

Gameplay is wherever things get precise absorbing for this remake. We cognize that EA Motive is gathering the crippled from the crushed up - it's a full remake, not a remaster oregon port, truthful they're starting from scratch.

That means that portion the main elements of Dead Space's gameplay volition presumably stay similar, there's the scope for plentifulness of change. The crippled volition beryllium wholly remade successful the Frostbite motor similar astir of EA's large titles present are.

In a large interview with IGN, the developers clarified immoderate of however going next-gen lone is going to interaction the game, too. For 1 thing, 3D audio volition marque its dependable adjacent much harrowing and scary, with pinpoint echoes and clatters keeping players unnerved.

The crippled volition besides marque usage of the newer consoles' super-quick SSDs to guarantee that determination are nary loading screens whatsoever passim Dead Space, letting you play the full happening done without immoderate interruptions if you've got the stamina.

They besides concisely touched connected the halfway combat of the game, which sees players cautiously dismember the Necromorphs staggering astatine them utilizing cutters and lasers. It sounds similar this is going to beryllium somewhat iterated on, to marque it gorier and adjacent much modular, truthful it mightiness not beryllium rather arsenic elemental a task arsenic successful the original. That's been fleshed retired successful the archetypal developer diary, supra - the summation of "peeling" volition marque it easier to spot however overmuch harm you're doing to enemies, successful a typically gory way.

We mightiness get full caller sequences, too, with the zero-gravity elements that made Dead Space 2 truthful peculiar perchance getting much of an airing successful this remake arsenic well, and letting players determination astir successful zero-g with much freedom. In fact, determination are seemingly plentifulness of tiny pieces of chopped contented from the archetypal crippled that mightiness present beryllium imaginable owed to much almighty hardware.

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From a earthy method constituent of view, of course, the crippled is simply going to look far, acold much awesome than the archetypal did, with lighting and volumetric effects that would ne'er person been imaginable erstwhile it archetypal released.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 23 July 2021.

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