Commodity Prices Should Bounce Back. A Few Stocks to Play the Rebound.

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Updated Aug. 27, 2021 9:02 p.m. ET / Original Aug. 27, 2021 8:52 p.m. ET

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Commodity producers look appealing aft a pullback from May highs. While prices for concern metals similar copper and robust ore person been weaker, Chris LaFemina, a mining expert astatine Jefferies, is upbeat connected the sector. “The brushed spot volition end,” helium says. “There won’t beryllium a monolithic acceleration successful demand, but things volition commencement to prime up, and determination are proviso constraints successful commodities similar copper that volition effect successful request increasing faster than supply.”

Among diversified miners, BHP (ticker: BHP), astatine $66, is down 20% from its...

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