Breakup via Jumbotron goes viral

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AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s a cruel mode to extremity a relationship---via a Jumbotron scoreboard astatine a insignificant league shot game.

And it was seen and heard each astir the world: “Alyssa, this narration is OVER-Tim.”

“Usually they’re day shout-outs, congratulations, blessed anniversary, and we got a breakup,” said Jack Haines, Coordinator of Creative Services for the Akron RubberDucks Baseball Club.

It happened past Thursday astatine the Akron RubberDucks crippled astatine Canal Park.

Haines tells 19 News for $5; fans tin acquisition shout-outs to spell connected the scoreboard. But this peculiar shout-out caught him wholly disconnected guard.

“Going done the list, going done the database then, what the heck?” helium said.

He tells 19 News, the announcer didn’t person a heads up astir the message, and aft helium work it, the assemblage reacted.

“The assemblage went beauteous crazy. They were beauteous loud, and from up successful the property box, it’s hard to perceive immoderate of the sounds, and we heard it for sure,” said Haines.

Since then, the connection has gone viral, making headlines each crossed the country.

“I got the quality from my wife. She was present astatine the game. She sent it to maine successful a picture. I thought it was hilarious, but I besides thought, that’s the worst happening idiosyncratic tin bash to you,” said Louis Willmon-Holland

Now, galore are wondering: who are Alyssa and Tim?

Haines tells 19 News, the sponsor, Ohio Amish Country, wants the mates to rekindle the romance. It’s offering Alyssa and Tim a escaped enactment if they travel forward.

Haines said immoderate are hopeful the mates instrumentality for different location game, minus the play connected the scoreboard.

“Maybe they made up, possibly Alyssa wants to get backmost astatine him, who knows, we’ll see,” said Haines.

The squad responded to the break-up via Twitter:

The adjacent location crippled is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31, astatine 6:35 p.m. vs. the Altoona Curve.

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