'Absurd' rule that derailed Kyrgios' US Open

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Australian tennis prima Nick Kyrgios says it's "absurd" helium had to question to the corners of the tribunal to usage his towel, acknowledgment to a COVID-enforced alteration of protocol.

Kyrgios contiguous bowed retired of the US Open, going down to 18th effect Roberto Bautista Agut successful consecutive sets successful the archetypal round, 6-3 6-4 6-0.

During the match, Kyrgios fell into a foul temper early, bickering with the seat umpire astir having to locomotion his towel to the corners of the tribunal alternatively of throwing it wherever helium wanted.

"My occupation is to travel retired present and play for the people, not locomotion backmost and distant betwixt towels," Kyrgios said to seat umpire Carlos Bernardes during the match.

"It's not portion of the game. So texting someone's portion of the crippled too? Taking 20-minute bath breaks is portion of the game?"

Nick Kyrgios of Australia (Getty)

Kyrgios' bath comments were successful effect to Greek prima Stefanos Tsitsipas, who astatine cardinal times during his triumph implicit Andy Murray contiguous called for aesculapian clip outs and bath breaks.

In accustomed circumstances the shot kids are summoned by the subordinate to tally the towel implicit to them erstwhile they request it, but that is not allowed nether existent COVID-19 protocols, with players forced to bash it themselves astatine circumstantial points down the baseline.

Kyrgios aft the lucifer explained his constituent of view, arguing that due to the fact that he's afloat vaccinated, it's unfair he's treated the aforesaid arsenic players who aren't.

"Look, the towel concern for maine is incredibly stupid," Kyrgios said.

"I'm 1 of the players connected circuit that is afloat vaccinated. And arsenic of now, I'm getting treated precisely the aforesaid arsenic a subordinate that is not vaccinated.

"I consciousness similar if I privation my towel astir the court, if it's not disturbing Bautista Agut's vision, if helium doesn't spot the towel, I don't spot thing incorrect with having my towel connected the broadside oregon connected the ground. And it's conscionable absurd for me."

Kyrgios fires up aft clip violation

Discussing his exit from the US Open, Kyrgios took thing distant from his Spanish opponent.

"I conscionable got outplayed, to beryllium honest," Kyrgios said.

"All recognition to him; he's a hellhole of a player. I had a interruption constituent successful the archetypal set, unluckily I didn't instrumentality it, and small things similar that tin crook a lucifer erstwhile you play a world-class subordinate similar Roberto."

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