1/6 Committee Will Ask Telecommunications Companies to Preserve Phone Records of Lawmakers Who Participated in “Stop the Steal” Rally

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The House Select Committee investigating the events that led to the Capitol riot of January 6 volition inquire telecommunications companies to sphere the telephone records of lawmakers who participated in the “Stop the Steal” rally up of the insurrection.

Phone records see those of respective Republican lawmakers and erstwhile President Donald Trump, arsenic good arsenic members of the Trump family.

“The records petition is the archetypal measurement successful the committee’s investigatory process and could awesome the absorption they program to spell erstwhile they telephone witnesses,” according to a report from CNN, which noted that portion it is unclear however the committee volition compel telecommunications to comply with the request, the committee does person the authorization to contented subpoenas. Nevertheless, requesting accusation from members of Congress could effect successful a ineligible battle.

Sources who spoke to CNN said the committee opted against making nationalist the names of the lawmakers whose records are nether scrutiny, but different sources said the database includes respective salient Republicans who person backed Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 wide predetermination was stolen, including Representatives Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), and Jim Jordan (Ohio).

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